Welcome everyone! We are so excited to continue our event virtually this year. Through all of the challenges and unknown we faced, one thing has remained constant: the strength of our sisterhood. In fact, this past year has only strengthened our bond as sisters. This strength is not limited to our love for one another; it also shines in our love and passion for our philanthropy. Women's heart health is a defining piece of our sisterhood and it is also so close to home for so many of us, as it is for many people in our country. We feel so lucky to continue to help women across America, and even women who have lived right here at home with us at Alpha Phi. Red Dress Gala is a very special night for the women of Alpha Phi to say the very least. We hope that this can be a very special night for you too. We look forward to seeing you virtually and thank you for your help in bettering women's heart health. 

- Maddy & Ava