Service and philanthropy are cornerstones of Alpha Phi and are truly close to our hearts. UW Alpha Phis hold and participate in many service activities to give back to our community and to better ourselves and the place we call home. Our philanthropic efforts focus primarily on our Fraternity’s international cause, the Alpha Phi Foundation, which raises awareness and funds to research the number one killer of women in America—heart disease. 


In 1956, Alpha Phi was the first women’s fraternity to establish a foundation. The Alpha Phi Foundation is dedicated to advancing leadership development, encouraging academic excellence, improving women’s heart health, supporting sisters in need, and educating about the value of philanthropy.  


Red Dress Gala i​s our chapter's main philanthropic event. This annual auction benefits women's cardiac care through the Alpha Phi Foundation and the University of Washington Medical Center's Cardiology Division. The Alpha Phi Foundation supports the research, education, and treatment of heart disease, the number one cause of death in the United States. Throughout the past 15 years, we have raised close to one million dollars in honor of women's heart health. In 2020, our chapter was awarded the Highest Fundraising Chapter in Philanthropy at the Alpha Phi Western Leadership Conference!



Alpha Phifa is our chapter's annual philanthropy within the Greek community. Alpha Phifa is a week-long event consisting of a soccer tournament, a FIFA tournament, and various other inter-fraternity competitions with members of Alpha Phi coaching teams of fraternity men. It serves as a wonderful reminder of the supportive and giving spirit at the University of Washington and within the Greek community.