Alpha Phi was founded at Syracuse University by ten of the first nineteen women admitted to the newly-opened school. These ten women with "brave hearts were filled with a noble purpose and eyes that saw clearly into the future." These were the Original Ten, the founders of Alpha Phi. Pursuing their studies in a male-dominated environment, these women had a pressing need for friends who could sympathize with each other's aspirations. On September 18, 1872 these ten women initiated themselves into Alpha Phi.

The Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi was founded at the University of Washington in 1914 and today it is home to 137 women.

Message From Our Chapter President

Mission Statement: Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of women supporting one another in lifelong achievement.

Motto: Union hand in hand

Year Founded: 1872

Philanthropy: Women's heart health and leadership development through the Alpha Phi Foundation 

Colors: Silver and Bordeaux

Symbol: Ivy Leaf


Fast Facts

Here at the University of Washington, the women of Alpha Phi share an unparalleled commitment to their sisters. This commitment shines through the unending love and support that they provide for one another. Alpha Phi provides its members with opportunities to better themselves and their communities everyday. At Alpha Phi, we value the differences that each individual brings to create our unique sisterhood. This sisterhood prompts us to grow as leaders, scholars, and contributors by providing its members with pathways to making true differences in the world. In the past three years, we were fortunate to celebrate 100 years of the Sigma Chapter, and we are looking forward to the future. The relationships being built here are more than just for four years—they are for life. Becoming an  Alpha  Phi  was the  best  decision I have ever made, and serving as President is a true joy and honor. I am so lucky to be an Alpha Phi! I hope this website provides you with a glimpse into our wonderful sisterhood. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!


Love and AOE,


Riley McNutt

Chapter President


College lasts just four years, but Alpha Phi is something you can enjoy for the rest of your life. The Alpha Phi network is extensive.  Just about anywhere you go in the United States, Canada – or even the world – you can find Alpha Phi sisters; sisters who are ready to befriend you and help you adjust to life in a new city. 


If you are an alumna of the Sigma chapter, please get in touch with us.  We also encourage you to keep your address current with Alpha Phi International. Visit alphaphi.org to update your contact info.

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